Terms & Condtitions

It is very important that you understand what exactly it is that you are paying for, how I operate, and what to expect when you hire me to be your photographer!  I hope this makes everything clear and avoid any possible issues that may arise due to any possible misunderstandings etc.

Deposit Payment

You are required to pay a deposit to secure your time / date for your upcoming photography session.  I can not guarantee your session date / time without a payment received.  Please contact me at 956-455-3628 or info@mlphotoframe.com to confirm the time / date prior to paying the deposit.   

Online Registration

You will need to fill out the online registration form after making the deposit payment.  You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours confirming your registration.

Inclement Weather

It is important to select an alternate session date on the online registration form in the event of inclement weather.  I will not shoot if the weather is not cooperating at the time of the photography session, including any signs of imminent rain, drizzle, high winds 25+ mph, hail, and lightning.  The portrait session will stop immediately if inclement weather is present during the photography session.

Photography / Client Release Form

You will receive an email containing a Client Release Form.  You are required to fill it, sign it, and return it to me prior to the photography session.  Please make sure to enter the name(s) of everyone that will appear in the photography session.  You can return the signed copy by scan and email to me at info@mlphotoframe.com, fax it to me at 877 - 220 - 0260, or hand it to me in person before we begin the photography session. 

Photography Session

I will scout the best location for the photography session (Family Portraits) based on the information you provided on the online registration form, and give you an exact location one hour prior to the start of the session.  I will generally produce a total of 25 - 40 images per family portrait session, including several differnet poses etc.  Variables such as the quality and direction of light, along with wind direction will determine the image background by which angles I choose to shoot from.   Sunrise sessions generally begin 20 minutes prior to sunrise, while sunset sessions generally begin 1 hour prior to sunset.  It is important that you detail any specific images you wish to have taken on the Client Registration Form.  Communication is key to maximizing each family portrait session.  


Please contact me by phone or email within 24 hours in the event that you need to cancel your upcoming photography session.  I understand that things happen and will try to work with you whenever possible.  Your deposit is non-refundable regardless of the reason for cancellation, however, with proper notice, I can apply it to a future session within 1 year time frame from the date of cancellation.

Remaining Balance

The remaining balance is due in full ( cash or credit ) the day of the portrait session.  Please let us know how you intend to make the final payment by selecting the correct field on the online photo session registration form.   Personal checks are NOT accepted.

Your Digital Images / Files

You will receive a link within 7 business days to the email address listed on the registration form that takes you to your personal online photo gallery.  It is here that you will be able to view all images picked out and select your favorite digital files / images.  Your online gallery will be guaranteed valid for 14 days from the day we email you the link.  Please select your favorite images for download and place your print orders within that time frame.  You will select your favorite images for digital download by pressing on the "Favorite" button.  I will receive your digital download order, then send you a separate link where you can download the digital files / images to your computer. 

Please note:  The digital images / files are lower resolution, watermarked, and can be saved on to your computer or hard drive.  They are strictly for web / computer view only.  Example:  Sharing with family and friends on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Printing from the digital files and / or image cropping is strictly prohibited. 

Feel free to select as many digital images / files.  Any images / file selected over the amount that is included in your package ( 6 or 10 ) will cost $10.00 each.  Those that select more than what is included in their package, will receive an online invoice via PayPal for the difference.  You will receive a final link that will allow you to download all digital files (included in package and additional picks) to your computer after you select and/or pay for additional favorite images / files.

Your Prints

Standard sized prints can be purchased from your personalized online gallery and will be shipped directly from the photo lab.  Simply add the image(s) you wish to purchase to the shopping cart, select your size and quantity of print(s), then checkout.  It's that easy!  There is a minimum purchase order of $20.00.  Please contact me directly if you would like to purchase a print size that is not available in the online photo gallery.  Example:  9 x 16 (pano) inch size print.  You can reach me at 956-455-3628 or info@mlphotoframe.com.  Please have image number and size of print ready.

All other custom print sizes / special orders (canvases, metal prints, photo albums, etc.) must be ordered directly from us.  Please specify on the online photo session registration form if you are interested in purchasing specialty print items.

Image Copyright(s)

I, the photographer, Mark Lehmann, own the copyrights to each image taken by me.    Please contact me directly at 956-455-3628 or info@mlphotoframe.com if you wish to purchase the copyright to your image(s).  The price of the image copyright(s) depends on what the image(s) will be used for - personal or commercial use.  You will receive a copyright release form specifying the details of the agreement.